Russell Regional HospitalPolicy Number: 954-014
Fiscal Service DepartmentPage 1 of 1
Date Issued: 11-30-98Date(s) Revised: 11/98
 7-1-01, 10/02, 1/04, 03/11



It is the policy of Russell Regional Hospital to refund all overpayments in a timely fashion, with no discrimination made between an insurance company or a private pay individual.


1. Accounts with credit balances will be identified in the following manner:

a. Through the Accountant’s Report
b. Through receipting of a payment
c. Through the remittance advice from insurance companies
d. Through the normal course of business
e. A Refund form to be filled out.

2. Once an account is identified, print off an itemized bill for that account number.

3. Locate and photocopy all relevant remits for all payments received on that account.

4. Determine whether the overage should go to an insurance company or to a private individual.

a. If the overage goes to a private individual, check all other accounts on that patient or guarantor to be sure there are no other balances due from that person.
b. If they have other outstanding balances due from the patient, transfer the credit balance to that outstanding account.

5. Once it is determined that a check must be issued, forward all paperwork to the Business Office Director for review.

6. If approved, it will then be sent to Accounts Payable so that a check can be issued and signed.

a. The checks going to individuals will be mailed at that time.
b. Checks going to insurance companies should include a form with explanation that includes following information:

i. Date of Service
ii. Patients Insurance Policy Number
iii. Patients full name
iv. Group number if applicable
v. Reason for refund

7. A note should be placed on the account regarding refund and paperwork sent to accounts payable.