Patient & Family Advisory Council Makes the Difference:
Looking for New Members

The Patient & Family Advisory Council is a newly structured forum which will encourage feedback and solicit suggestions for improvement from our community on the care and services provided at our hospital as well environmental issues such as signage and accessibility. This council will be dedicated to the improvement of quality in patient and family care. Patients and their families are important members of the care team, and can offer unique perspectives and valuable feedback regarding their experiences.

This council will be made up of Patient Advisors who will represent the views of a diverse patient group. The Patient Advisors will be comprised of people from different genders, ages, incomes, geographic locations, information from personal inpatient or outpatient experiences, and more.

The creation of the PFAC will help to spread this philosophy across the hospital, providing a new opportunity for improved quality care and a focused spotlight on patients and their families or care partners.

The PFAC will be meeting on a monthly basis to:

  • Identify patient and family needs and concerns.
  • Provide feedback on current systems and processes in the hospital.
  • Generate new ideas to improve the care experience.
  • Integrate patient-centered care across the hospital.

Russell Regional Hospital is recruiting volunteers to serve on the RRH Patient & Family Advisory Council. We can only be genuinely responsive to our patients and their families if we understand their needs and listen to their concerns and this includes hearing directly from the people who volunteer their time on the Patient & Family Advisory Council. We welcome feedback about what is working well within our hospital and suggestions for how we can improve the service we provide.

We are looking for committed, enthusiastic individuals with an interest in health issues, and in the health and well-being of our community. Patient Advisors must be willing to share their stories and experiences to help make a difference for others. We therefore require that Patient Advisors or their family members have used RRH services.

How Can I Become Involved?
If you would like additional information, please contact Diane Kilian at or (785) 483-3131 ext 357. If you would like to apply, please click on the following link:

Application for PFAC